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Hey there everybody! SO today I’m here telling you about an adorable little vibe from FunFactory! Aside from being rechargeable (awesome!!) the mini spring is also made of super safe silicone and completely water proof.  Seriously, I left it in a bunch of water for like, 20 minutes and this thing wasn’t even phased.

I’ll start by telling you that it’s fairly small.  I can hold it easily in my hand.  The whole toy is about 5 1/2″ long with about 4″ being insertable. The shaft is made of silicone and has a slight twist to it. The motor spans most of the length of the toy, leaving the top 3/4″ or so just silicone. This tip is very soft and squishy and doesn’t transmit vibrations the best at lower levels, but at higher levels the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether or not you can get enough pressure (if you’re using it clitorally) for your liking. A lot of people will find the girth to be plenty filling for them, but size queens will be left disappointed. The mini spring isn’t going to be the greatest for g-spotting, but it is great for thrusting.

The spring has between 4 and 8 vibration settings (I counted 8, but the manufacturer says 4) that can be accessed by pressing and holding the little plus button near the base of the toy.  To cycle up, just keep pressing the + button.  To cycle down and eventually turn the toy off, just press the – button, and once you get to the bottom of the vibration levels, just hold the – button and the toy will turn off. Once you’ve gone through all the steady settings, you can press and hold the + button again to access 3 oscillating settings.

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Don’t forget to stay sexy 😉

Rabbit style vibrators are usually hit or miss for most people, but the simple design of the White Heat rabbit vibrator from Doc Johnson and its low price make it a great start for anybody looking into rabbit vibrators.

It won’t be the best choice for the very first toy period due to its size, but it’s still moderately sized in comparison to a lot of other rabbits out there.  It features a phthalates free, very sleek and smooth TPR silicone, two vibrating bullets, and takes only 2 AA batteries to run.

It’s grand total 8″ in length make it a bit more difficult to just stuff somewhere, even though only 4″ or so are insertible.  It’s got about a 4″ circumference which like I said earlier, might not be the best for a very first toy, but should still be manageable for anybody but a size queen.

This toy has a lot of give to it that makes it almost , well, floppy I guess would be the best word.  It bends well enough that you can insert the shaft and just bend the rest of the portion with the clitoral nub on it to do all the work for you, rather than using the toy for thrusting.

It’s pretty easy to care for,  just wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, or a toy cleaner such as the Climax Bursts Cleaner.  For storage, you could use the box it came in, but I recommend a storage pouch like this one sold at EdenFantasys.

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Don’t forget to stay sexy 😉